Method, that works!


What method method method do I use, to get my coachees to reach their goals?

Coaching, Mentoring, Advising = Inspiration


coaching1Motivation and inspiration. Are they helpful?

YES, They Are

  • I will help you find your goals in your life.
  • I will show you new guidelines and methods.
  • You will be energized in new ways thanks to fresh experiences.
  • We will develop together your self belief and courage.
  • I will inspire you to learn, progress and to see your own processing and enjoy the results as the come step by step.


My favourite package


4 steps for the better life4 steps for the better life

Most Effective if you got 2-3 different fields in your life you would like to work on

  • Free strategic consultation
  • 4 sessions each 120-150 minutes
  • 1 session per week
  • Weekly homework
  • You will learn the use of different tools and methods which can help your individual progress in the future even after our meetings are over
  • Quick, effective solutions for private life every day and complex problems
  • Leadership coaching by segmentation for ex; time management, mobbing, stress assertivity




The most important thing for me when coaching is to find the right methods, tools and best potential structural plan to locate the light at the end of the tunnel.
When working together becomes a collaboration, coach and coachee can reach new dimensions together, which is founded on solid base of trust, honesty and mutual respect.
My job is done when my clients can face and solve their problems independently, act and react quickly, live and believe life and the beauty of it. Using the tools we learned together becomes a healthy routine, which helps reduce stress, giving a great chance to operate more effectively and successfully.



Please, don’t hesitate to contact me and book your session for an unconditional “get to know” meeting.
Come and let’s find your way to true happiness.