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Inspirator, motivator, executive and life coach, +25 years experience +25 years experience +25 years experience on international markets in wide range of sectors




Varga KrisztinaEverybody has his/her own path in life.
Mine path was always helping people since I can remember.

I started supporting, mentoring and training people at age of 14 as swimming instructor for kids with hydrophobia.

I had to grow and gain experience to be able to say it out loud that what is what I really want to do in my life is:
Motivation, see happy smiles on people’s face, true mental satisfaction after rejuvenating session. I can sense and support every single tiny change and progressive move with right method of questions, strategies and support.That’s why I became Educator for special needs first, then trainer, adviser, coach and leader.

I think I have long and deep learning path behind me and much much more is to come in the future. I want to offer the best of my strengths and experiences for the right candidates, who are willing to change.

I had to understand, I can’t help everyone or show the way of life turning change.Even I often can see long time ahead, what disaster is person getting himself into, I have to step back and just let it be, let it happen. It can also be lession for both sides if my opinion gets pushed away.

I had to get an understanding, what kind of impact do I make on people,when I work with them.I’ve learned to read the signs of my clients and get them perfect timing for new, powerful steps into brand new dimension in their life.

As I often say:-Make a change asap, if you feel your behaviour is annoying even to yourself. When even we can feel it, something is definitely not right. Not because we are comparing our life’s with others, more like because we can feel we need a change.That’s the indication “light blinking”, we are ready for change. Depends on individual temper, slow brainstorming begins, people are looking for supporters and ways to change what’s not working. Slowly we get enough power to make the first steps trotz the light.

It’s an amazing feeling to meet first someone who is shy, locked down and cold and see the same person going through a mind blowing change and becomes open, energized and happy in such of short time period. Sometimes it only takes a question, or situational exercise.

My main goal and favorite tools are in work: motivation, energizing sessions and inspiration. It literally rejuvenates me when I see a client’s breakthrough after a long time struggle in their life’s and the start to understand the happiness and success are real feelings and not mirages and myths.

My biggest happiness,when people come back after many years still using the tools, what we’ve learned together once.

Everybody should be happy and everybody get’s to go. If we say so.



In 1989 I’ve established Workplus Co., Hungary’s first HR company those days.

In the past 30 years I’ve participated in more than 1000 projects, including sectors in HR, trainings, Coaching and business development.

In 2010 I graduated at Budapest University Of Technology and Economics (BME) with Master's degree in Business Administration. Besides of my university degree in Special Education I accomplished several national and international courses and trainings, my knowledge is always fresh and updated.



Childhood ambitions: Tour guide, Historian, Chemist

Being in service, empathy and my love for people, searching for new and unknown were already there deep in my mind.

What do I enjoy the most in my work?

I worked with 1000’s of people in the past. At the beginning we formed and established the industry in Hungary and our progressive learning process (from each other) never stopped. There are always sectors, problems were we can join up and find a solution and results, which are accepted. Challenging work with new adventures every day, empathy and stress management in focus, quick actions,quick growth. Im just lovin’ it.


Friends and sports long as I can go:) Theater and movies, socializing with interesting people, traveling, learning about new cultures, reading

Only few people knew about me:

Before I established Workplus in 1989, I was an educator for children with special physical disabilities. I use to organize and manage competitions, races and even participated at the olympics for people with disabilities as group leader. Even before that I teached kids with hydrophobia for 6 years and I think those years gave me foundation to that person, who I can be today.

Private life:

I live in happy relationship. I have grown up son.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me and book your session for an unconditional “get to know” meeting.
Come and let’s find your way to true happiness.