5 straight up tips how can you survive everyday stress

5 straight up tips how can you survive everyday stress

Do you know this film?

Shortly: the story goes about the mother... and her family... husband, two children.
And the "neverending" dilemma: career or family? How can I juggle my energies every day?
And... what's the answer from the "cool" working woman? I SOLVED IT!

Her head is like a register, it never stops and continuously want to fulfill the "perfect woman role" in every area of her life… :)
If you are good at your work, you will get more and more positive feedbacks, and will be more responsibilities as well…
And you can do it, just because YOU can! Although your children always recognize it, when you make a mistake :-)

Result: stress... stress... and even more stress...


  1. Define the priorities: what are the most important things, what you have to get done today?
  2. Delegate: you can ask for support and it is obligatory to ask! Cooperate with your husband, your children to help, relatives and friends can share the housework and other daily routines.
  3. Organization: put together the daily routines, and organize better your day, use time management!
  4. Leave out perfection: don't want to become "Miss Perfect". Be self confident, and do not assume you have to do everything in one day.
  5. Humour: last and not least….handle your day with a lot of humour!…..:)

Find your daily "Happy drops" and feel your happiness.

And... if you can't do it yourself, please ask for specialist's support as soon as possible! Don't wait too much, a good coach can turn your world around !

Are you only dreaming about things changing or hav...

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